The Society’s museum contains numerous printed resources that can be viewed during museum hours on Sundays from 2-4 PM or by special appointment.

Location of Information

GRAFTON HISTORY NOTEBOOKS AND SCRAPBOOKS are located in the Research Room in the bookcase opposite the door.

GRAFTON HISTORY PAPERS are also in individual folders, which are in two cartons on the shelf next to the bookcase.

ORAL HISTORY videos are in the Office.

PUBLICATIONS are located in Research Room in bookcases on right wall.

GRAFTON NEWS issues are in drawer to the right on the door.

GHS YEARBOOKS are in the bookcase opposite the door.

PUBLISHED BOOKS are in the Research Room in bookcase on right wall.

GRAFTON HISTORY FOLDERS are located in file in the Office.

GRAFTON HISTORY ARCHIVE BOXES are the gray boxes located in the stands in the Office.


  • “Ah, Wilderness!”
  • Aspects of Grafton History
  • Mrs. Ella Fisher Scrapbook Articles
  • Reports from Grafton History Club Grafton History Papers
  • Grafton’s 250th Anniversary
  • Mrs. Catherine Warren Papers
  • Robert Wilson Collection
  • History of Grafton (Pierce)