Art in Bloom: Saturday October 21st & Sunday, October 22nd, 1 – 4 PM – Highlighting Nature Artist, Rita Martin

Stop by the Grafton Historical Society to view some wonderful depictions of nature through the artist eye. Our featured artist, Rita Martin lived her live absorbed in the beauty of the world around her. She recognized the need to preserve open space for recreation and was a founding member of the Grafton Forest Association, now known as the Grafton Land Trust, creating their original logo. She served proudly on the Grafton Conservation Commision and became a member of the Grafton Historical Society. With total commitment she dedicated close to thirty years of her life to these causes, which is a great reason to dedicate this Art in Bloom to Rita. Her artistic talent emerged early as she followed a path studding at Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Costume Design. Rita actively created artwork up until the end of her life. Her works were in watercolor, pencil, ink, and conte crayon. Rita Martin passed away in Grafton on December 2, 2011, at 91 years of age. Rita’s contribution to the Grafton Land Trust has been memorialized by a 94-acre Rita Martin Preserve between Potter Hill and Brigham Hill. the Lake Ripple Conservation Area and Boat Ramp on Goddard Street, just off Brigham Hill Road honors Rita R. Martin for her 24 years of service to the Town of Grafton.