Genealogists: Check Out the Museum!

Marc Leuenberger recently completed research on the family history and relations of Graftonite Jonathan Warren and had it published in the MASSOG Journal of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists. At one time Warren was the richest person in Grafton, responsible for construction of the town house on the Common, a.k.a., the Warren Block.

Marc kindly sent the Society a copy of his paper, you can read it here:

Come to the museum and dig up your own roots! Marc’s work is a great example of what can be accomplished with the myriad resources available in the museum – you can do it too. Beginning with Pierce’s “History of Grafton”, and is citation 1 in Leuenberger’s journal article. From there you can branch out into tabular records, newspapers, and photos. Yearbooks in the library are good resources for studies of more recent family histories. Musuem volunteers are constantly finding new information and adding to the index.

The museum also holds information beyond geneology, including houses, buildings, business, farms, and maps. We’re open Sundays from 2-4 and by appointment – see the About page or our Facebook page for the latest information.

Happy researching!