“Sarah Sartell Prentice: The Immortalist” April 5, 2019 1-3 pm

Join us at the First Friday Tea April 5, 2019 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the South Grafton Community House at 25 Main St in South Grafton to hear author Amy Belding Brown tell the story of Sarah Sartell of Grafton.

Illustration of colonial life in New England

Sarah Sartell Prentice was quite a character. According to F.W. Pierce’s History of Grafton, when her future husband Solomon Prentice “courted” her, they sat on the trunk of a tree in the woods, and he proposed to her in the language of Naomi to Ruth, and she accepted him with Ruth’s reply. Never a dull moment in Sarah’s life. The Historical Society holds a piece of her wedding dress as well, woven in the late 1600’s, one of the oldest artifacts at the museum.

The author of the presentation, Amy Belding Brown, lived in Grafton from 1994 to 2011, and wrote her first historical novel, Mr. Emerson’s Wife, there as well as doing the research and early drafts for her 2014 novel, Flight of the Sparrow.  She became interested in the story of Sarah Sartell Prentice while doing work with the historical records of the Grafton Congregational Church.  Sarah lived at a time of great religious ferment and was an important figure in the Separate Congregational Movement in Massachusetts at the time of the Great Awakening.  Hers is the remarkable story of an independent woman who defied her religious traditions and lived a radical life that scandalized her neighbors.

Irish breakfast tea, pastries, fruit, cheese, and gluten free items will be provided, along with fancy teas served in beautiful antique porcelain teacups – it’s a tea after all!

$5.00 and RSVP: make a reservation by calling 508-839-0000 or email Brought to you by the Grafton Historical Society.